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Your Gift at Work

There is a culture of innovation and creativity at Tampa Prep that extends beyond the classroom.

Our willingness to try new ideas, think differently and push envelopes--anything that better serves students--is only possible through a community-wide culture of philanthropy.

Our students--your students--are modeling philanthropic leadership in the local community by raising funds for organizations through their clubs and special interest groups. As the School’s primary community-wide fundraising endeavor, the Annual Fund is your opportunity to model that same philanthropic leadership by giving to a cause that directly impacts your own household. We thank all of our generous donors for contributions that allow Tampa Prep to INSPIRE NEXT.

People often ask, Where does my gift to the Annual Fund go? 
While the Annual Fund is a critical source for the school's operating budget, it is also used to fund new and exciting opportunities that benefit our entire school community. In October 2018, one such opportunity arose. Our Middle School closed for two days so that every single Middle School faculty member could travel to Orlando and attend the Annual Conference for Middle Level Education.