On August 24 you will have access to begin completing the Magnus Health COVID-19 Daily Screening for your student(s) using the Magnus app. This screening process will help us create the safest possible environment for our students, faculty and staff. Here’s an instruction sheet to set up the app on your phone.   

The assessment can be easily completed with just a few clicks using the Magnus app on a smartphone or iPad. View these step-by-step instructions for completing the screening. All parents must submit the screening each morning no later than 7:45 a.m. Please reserve 1 to 2 minutes per child to complete this each morning. Timely submission of health information is vital so that preparations can be made prior to the start of each school day. 

  • If the app shows you a STOP sign after taking the assessment, please keep your child at home and report his/her absence to Betsy Zollinger at
  • Students who do not have a completed questionnaire will be sent home. The questionnaire resets daily, and must be completed every day that your student is physically on campus. 


Do both parents need to complete the daily questionnaire?

NO. Only one parent needs to fill out the daily questionnaire.

Do I need to complete the questionnaire every day?

NO. The questionnaire only needs to be filled out for the days your student is on campus.

Do I complete the questionnaire or does my student?

The questionnaire needs to be completed by a parent.

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